Artist: Aaron McDermott Sample Work:
Aaron McDermott is a visual artist based in Madison County. He graduated from Grace College in 2015 with a degree in Graphic Design and Photography. He discovered his passion for photography as a child and found his voice for self expression. In college he picked up a brush for Painting 101 and has continued to this day. Aaron is driven to capture the beauty of the environment around him. He is inspired by nature, light, and emotions and works primarily in photography and oil painting and will often use his self-modified camera to create otherworldly infrared photographs. Since 2015, Aaron has shown his work in several juried art shows in central Indiana. His sunflower still life oil painting was awarded first place at the 2022 Art Association of Madison County Annual Exhibition and his minimalist photograph "Weekend Afternoons" was awarded first place at the 2020 Gallery 119 Photography show.

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