Artist: Diane Burrell Sample Work:
In 1988 Diane graduated from Ball State University with an Art education degree where she specialized in metal design and painting. Her professor, the acclaimed Patricia Nelson, saw her watercolor paintings and suggested that enamel might be a medium suited to her because enamels, like watercolor, are applied in layers. Diane was sent to a workshop where the world renowned scientist enamelist, the late William Helwig, was teaching. Under his instruction she was exposed to many methods of enameling, from the traditional cloisonné. Once exposed to the subtle changes that occur through application of time and temperature, the vibrant transparent and opaque colors become absolutely beautiful. Diane was hooked. She has been experimenting and creating jewelry, wall hangings and enamels ever since. The expression created in her paintings is easily translated into Enamel plates and bowls. Diane continues to paint in all media and teaches painting at The Anderson Center for the Arts, The Pendleton Art Society Gallery 119, and The Newman Art Center. She is an active member of the International Enamelist’s Society, The Hoosier Salon of Indiana, The Madison County Artists Association, and Pendleton Artists Society at Gallery 119. She gives programs about enamels and enamelists whenever possible. Diane lives and works in her home studio on a lake in Anderson where she is inspired by nature. The beautiful Indiana fodder, sparkling water, and wildlife provide never ending influences for her work.

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